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Florida Keys Electric Cooperative Association
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FKEC 2018 Rebate Program

Available Rebates | Five Steps to Rebate | FKEC Rebate FAQ | Rebate Program Packet

FKEC 2018 Temporary Rebate Program

FKEC has once again allotted $75,000 fund a residential rebate program which will end once those funds are depleted. Members can obtain rebates (up to $500 maximum per member) for completing qualifying, energy efficient upgrades and improvements at their homes. The purpose of the program is to encourage members to make an investment in decreasing their energy consumption to benefit the environment and yield a return on their electric bill.

FKEC is offering rebates ranging from $25 to $500 with a maximum rebate of $500 per member in order to extend participation to as many members as possible. Rebates are given to members on a first-come first-serve basis.

The 2018 FKEC Rebate Program begins March 1, 2018. To be eligible for a rebate, all purchases and/or services must occur after the start date!

Available Rebates
Click to download each rebate's complete list of rules and application

2018 Rebate Program overview packet including all forms.

Five Steps to Rebate Rewards
  1. Call FKEC to check rebate availability. Rebates are limited, and awarded on a first-come first-served basis.
  2. Install any of FKEC’s rebate options (see available rebates listed above).
  3. Submit request form(s) within sixty days of purchase/installation.
    Be sure to include your contractor's paid receipt or your item receipt(s).
  4. FKEC conducts on-site verification.
  5. RECEIVE YOUR REBATE as a credit on your next electric bill(s).
    Rebates will be awarded as bill credits only.
FKEC Rebate Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply for a rebate?
Only FKEC residential members of record may qualify for rebates.

Can I apply for more than one rebate?
Yes, members can apply for more than one rebate. For example, if you buy a qualified, energy efficient room A/C unit and insulation, you can apply for rebates for both items. Remember, the maximum rebate is $500 per member.

Can the rebate be applied to the home I’m renting?

Yes, as long as it’s your primary residence and is located in FKEC’s service territory.

Will rebates be available for new homes?

Rebates are valid only on qualified energy efficient improvements made to existing residential homes and DO NOT apply to new construction.

If I own more than one home in FKEC’s service territory, am I eligible for rebates on all my homes?

No. You can only apply for rebates on your primary residence in FKEC’s service territory.

How long will the rebate program last?

Rebates will be given to members on a first-come first-served basis and will only last until the programs $75,000 allotment is depleted.

Florida Keys Electric Cooperative Association
Florida Keys Electric Cooperative Association